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        April 2021 meeting-presentation of 20 year certificate


First Responders Day-Walker County Republican Women honored all Walker County first responders with First Responders Appreciation Day on Thursday, June 10.  A large crowd from the various first-responder groups enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.  County Judge Danny Pierce issued a proclamation to acknowledge and applaud those who work in our county to keep us safe.


Walker County Republican Women recently participated in the Border Patrol Care Project sponsored by TFRW.  The club donated $100 to purchase requested supplies for use by our border agents.  Supplies include hand sanitizer, bug repellent, sunscreen and towelettes.  The project is being administered by Camino Real Republican Women.


One of the summer projects for WCRW was assembling and mailing care packages to our military personnel overseas.  Fifteen boxes were mailed.  The boxes contained personal items, socks, nonperishable food, and books, with a personal letter in each package.  We support and appreciate our military!  


Walker County Republican Women donate supplies to the Victims’ Crime Assistance Program in the Huntsville Police Department as a part of WCRW’s Caring for America project. These supplies are used for children who have been removed from a dangerous situation and must be cared for as they await CPS. 

Walker County Republican Women visit the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Texas exhibit at the Walker Education Center in Huntsville.  Featured in the exhibit is Walker County’s own Minnie Fisher Cunningham, a key player in both the Texas and national suffragette movement.

Women's suffrage_edited.jpg

                                                                                                                  New Waverly Meet and Greet

On Aug 26, Walker County Republican Women hosted a meet & greet for our New Waverly neighbors. The purpose was to acquaint residents there with our club. A beautiful food table was prepared by Holly Slott at Kerry Murray's Murski's Cafe. A PowerPoint presentation showcased our club and provided information about voter trends and the importance of rural voters. We give a big THANKS to all who attended and to those who worked to make the event a success!


Walker County Republican Women members were privileged to hear guest speaker Nick Adams at their general meeting on September 20.  Nick Adams is a four-time best-selling author and founder of Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG).  He is an Australian immigrant.  Mr. Adams gave a ringing endorsement of America's role as the custodian of free civilization, measured by its cultural, economic, military and scientific greatness.  He described FLAG as an educational non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing patriotic, high-quality civics education for American students in grades K-12.  FLAG resources, he reported, are currently in the hands of over one million American students.  In addition, his organization has enlisted pledges from over 8700 American schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every school day and to sing the National Anthem at sporting events.  FLAG also has resource materials available for parents and grandparents to help them teach children about the history of our nation and the American dream.  He encouraged the audience to champion conservative values, to work at putting patriotism back into the classroom, to foster personal responsibility in our young people and to support and defend the rights and freedoms granted to all Americans.  To learn more about FLAG, visit

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WCRW w Nick Adams_0010.jpg
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WCRW w Nick Adams_0015.jpg

The Texas Federation of Republican Women 33rd biennial convention is happening now at the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas!  Some of our delegates were privileged to meet the oldest TFRW member, 100-year-old Woodie Thornburg from Kinney County. Woodie is a first-generation Texan!  She was recognized at the convention where she offered a race with Governor Abbott across the stage.


The TFRW convention, which ended October 16, was inspiring and powerful.  The speaker line-up included many political leaders of our great state!  Without exception, they praised TFRW for the critical role played in getting conservatives elected at all levels. Speakers heard by the 670 attendees included a fiery Ted Cruz, Glenn Hegar, and Dan Patrick, who honored trailblazer Senator Jane Nelson. At a special memorial breakfast for deceased TFRW members, our club honored the memory of long-time member and patriot Peggy Kroesche with a flower in the memorial wreath.  Senate District 5 delegates posed for a picture with our District Director Sue DeVillez. We are privileged to be among the 11,500 members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women! 

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